Parish Church of Letchworth

St Michael the Archangel,

St Michael’s was designed by the distinguished architect, Laurence King, and was consecrated in 1967 to become the new Parish Church of Letchworth.

The outline shape and interior arrangement was inspired by the early Christian principle of a gathered Eucharistic community.

The eye is drawn towards the central stone altar and the crucifix suspended above. The congregation gathers for worship as the Lord’s people around the Lord’s Table, on the Lord’s Day.

Our morning worship is of the Catholic tradition with dignified ceremonial. The family friendly environment now attracts growing numbers of all ages. 

St Michael’s makes a near ideal venue for music and the performing arts. The building is blessed with good acoustics, and our orchestral and vocal concerts have been a great success. The organ, which dates from the 1870’s, was rebuilt and enlarged in 2000.

Church of St Mary the Virgin,

Letchworth Lane.

Letchworth’s ancient Church, as we see it today, dates from the late twelfth century, though it also appears in the Doomsday book of 1087.

St Mary’s was the Parish Church for the hamlet of Old Letchworth, and remained so until 1967. Building material found in the churchyard suggests that there was an earlier Saxon structure on the site.

Among its notable features, the building contains a small recumbent effigy of a crusader, the Knight Sir Richard de Mountfichet. His heart is reputed to have been buried beneath the Church.

A booklet documenting the historical development of the beautiful building is available on request at a price of £4.00.

St Mary’s affords an intimate environment for traditional worship, which continues to attract and inspire a near capacity congregation. Here, successive generations come, seeking God, a place for prayer and reflection, and the reassuring sense of continuity with the past as we look forward in faith to the future.