Stewardship invites you to see yourselves as houses made up of four rooms, representing your human needs: Physical, Social, Intellectual & Spiritual. Each of those rooms needs regular visiting; each of those needs requires feeding.

We attend to our physical needs by having a home, buying food and paying our utility bills. We might also keep fit by taking regular exercise, perhaps to belong to a gym. Social needs might be met by such things as a meal out with friends. Intellectual needs might involve buying books, visiting the theatre and cinema or attending classes.

We ought not to neglect our spiritual needs and ought to be prepared to contribute time and money to their nourishment, as we would for our other human needs.

Membership of St Michael’s & St Mary’s helps to feed us, spiritually, but also offers courses and sermons to stimulate the intellect, and a variety of social events, in community with people of all ages.

We invite you to take stock of what you spend, in terms of time and of money, in each of the four rooms, each of your human needs.

Since biblical times, we have expressed our thanks to God for all the good things we enjoy by offering part of our income back to him.

Please reflect on what it costs to run and maintain our beautiful churches and to carry out our ministry together.

For further details of how you can help please contact Fr Robert or the Parish Office.